School Competition

East Essex Netball Association – Netball in School

Over 180 schools in Essex offer netball on the curriculum, and there are cups and competitions for all ages, as well as High 5 netball for beginners.

National Schools Competition

This competition is the biggest competition open to schools. In order to enter you must be affiliated to England Netball. There is an U14,U16 and U19 competition. Details may be obtained by logging on to; England Netball/Schools

For information from your district secretary, please contact your Area Representatives

Area Representative School Email
Mid Essex Charlie Barrell St Martins [email protected]
West Essex Erica Larke St Marks [email protected]
North East Katherine Daniels Colchester Girls High School [email protected]
North West Lyndsay Keeble Felsted [email protected]
Southend Sue Simpson Southend High [email protected]
Basildon Hayley Clarke Woodlands [email protected]

Essex Schools Knock out Cups

This is open to all schools in Essex. Competitions are run in Year 7, U14, U16 and U19 age groups.

Local/ District Competitions

Each District runs its own local competitions. Depending on the area will depend on whether they are run by sports colleges or by school sport associations.

School Partnerships

Primary Schools Information

Partnership Development Managers (PDM’s) that are responsible for your partnership will have information on High 5 Netball. Partnerships and Competition Managers in your area are responsible for organising netball tournaments as well as training.

If you are an independent school, then you will not be under a partnership. It is recommended that you contact the nearest sports college to you to find out what is happening in your area.

Secondary School Information

There are a variety of opportunities that are open to schools that affiliate to England Netball. By affiliating to England Netball you will receive information from East Essex both by mail and also via this website.

One of the biggest aspects of school Netball is the competitions open to schools. Details of courses both for umpiring and coaching can also be found here.

If you are interested in coaching or umpiring courses and would like more information please contact Susan Wilkinson on: [email protected] and she can point you in the correct direction.