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The England Performance Pathway is a vital part of improving the standard of competitive netball played in England, with its main aim to ensure that there are an increased number of better quality athletes progressing from the Academies into the England High Performance Programme and INTCs.
The Pathway will act as a conveyer belt for high quality English athletes, taking players from 11-12 years old, all the way through to our Senior National team.

Satellite Academy –

The first step on the England Pathway for young netballers aged approximately 11-14 years old. Netball East manage and deliver the Satellite Academies on behalf of England Netball for their players delivering about 15 sessions per year.
The emphasis in the Satellite Academy is for young netballers to learn how to train on their own, and to understand experience and practice some of the different components required in a training programme.

Satellite Academy is held at The King John School in Benfleet on a Monday evening from 7pm to 9pm. Any club coaches wishing to come along and see what goes on please contact Michele at [email protected]

County Academy –

County Academies provide training for athletes aged approximately 14-16years, Netball East deliver between 15-30 sessions per year with qualified and experience Level 2 Coaches providing athletes with the support and skill set they need to progress to the next level of the Pathway.
Athletes in a County Academy should be accessing between 14-16 hours a week of training and competition both in netball and other invasion sports.
Strength and Conditioning work is also important for this level and age group of athletes to ensure that muscles are developed properly to prevent injury and to prepare them for a greater intensity of training as they progress their netball careers.

County Academy is held at St Martins School in Brentwood on a Thursday evening from 7pm to 9pm, again any club coaches wishing to come along and see what goes on please contact Michele at [email protected]


Although the County selects the Academy players once a year into their training groups this system is fluid. Players may be promoted or de-selected throughout the training period, if Coaches and Talent Coordinators feel the player is exceeding or underperforming to the standards expected.
Equally scouts are active throughout the season, and if they see a player who they feel should be attending an Academy, the player will be trialled at a training session to assess their standard and if appropriate will be invited to attend the remaining academy sessions.

The Next Stage – Regional Academy

The next stage of the England Netball pathway is the Regional Excel training Group. Selection for this group is made via the attendance of a series of trials undertaken by both the County and the Region.

Academy coaches will select players to attend a pre-screening session, where players will be assessed to see if they have the ability required to move forward to the next stage.

Essex Netball academies

We have 1 Satellite programme for under 14’s and 1 County programme for Under 16’s. Currently the Satellite have 40 hours of training per year and the County have 60 hours.

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